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Cefea - przepakowywanie leków


We have a GMP Manufacturing and Import License of medicinal products

Based on those Licenses we offer:

  • packing and repacking of medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements
  • manufacturing capability  for psychotropic drugs / narcotics (I-N, II-N, III-N, II-P, III-P, IV-P)
  • full service of Qualified Persons in terms of batch release
  • archival samples storage
  • labelling of cartoons, sachets, bottles and other pack formats, either manually or on advanced labelling machines
  • changes of language on individual pack items
  • preparation of promo sets / combisets if requested by the customer

Przepakowywanie leków

We offer as well:

  • 2D Datamatrix coding and labelling
  • pack serialization
  • colour coding of medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements etc.
  • design and printing pack materials, boxes, leaflets, labels etc, with help of our key partners
  • protection of individual packs with tamper evident stickers
Daniel Gralak

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Daniel Gralak
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